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Another Piece of You

August 3, 2017



This was an interesting little piece that came across my desk the other day. There is a practice called iridology the states many diagnostic signs can be seen in the iris of the eyes. So this article looks at the hands. Now I am sure that the palm readers already know what this article states.   How valid is it? I don’t know. Is it clinically significant? Maybe if these physical signs were related to genetics. I am open-minded about this. There are so many things to learn. The most clinically significant way for me is to take time and listen to the patient’s story. A story line in the history along with a careful physical exam can probably give you a diagnosis 85% of the time. Sometimes I also have to see how someone responds after a treatment such as a joint injection. The signs and symptoms are related to wound healing. My surgical career gave a significant background to see how the body heals. I could never have done operations if the patient did not have a means to heal the body. And then I have the natural medicine doctorate in addition to my conventional medicine background. So this gives me two sides of the fence that I can use to help the patient heal.

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