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Bisphenol A (BPA)—What Is It?

January 7, 2016

Bisphenol A (BPA)—What Is It?

We have all heard the word BPA. What does this really mean for our health? I will keep this short—and I hope to leave you with thoughts about how to incorporate positive changes in your lifestyle. There are two articles giving you some basics on BPA. What is BPA, and what are the concerns about BPA? is for those who like a brief summary of information. Bisphenol A is more comprehensive for those with curiosity. Let me sum it up for you (from a chemistry major in college):

  1. You want NOTHING to do with this stuff.
  2. It is all over consumer products. This is the modern world.

…in the containers we use to tote our water around. I take my food to work and since plastic is lighter than glass…hard to change. How about those receipts we touch—BPA is readily absorbed through the skin. I used to save receipts, comparing them with statements and saving them as IRS receipts, handling them over and over. Hey, I just simplified my life and rarely take receipts anymore. Looking back, I certainly wasted a lot of energy. I think I am becoming my father (good thing).

  1. BPA has estrogenic qualities and triggers genes the wrong direction (cancer). The effect may differ from individual to individual and symptoms can be highly variable. The result can be thyroid dysfunction, depression and mental changes, and obesity, among many others.
  2. And last…Is Your Toilet Paper Secretly Destroying Your Prostate Health?…we can see how sneaky and ubiquitous things are happening to us.

There was this camping trip where the chipmunks chewed up all the TP (we hung the offender who left it out). Do I now collect leaves? But I live in the city…

  1. We all need a good detox program—and I mean a personal one. Try to lessen exposure then get the rest of the stuff (medical terminology) out of your system. BPA detox is not a simple liver or bowel cleanse.

Soon we will talk about water treatments. Stay tuned.

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