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Bug Dope and Sunscreen

June 26, 2016

Summer is here. Black flies and mosquitoes will be out. So now comes the bug dope, right? The sun is strong—you do not want to burn, right?

So I include an article and a commentary about DEET from an ex-military who served in Vietnam.

As we have talked, toxicity is a real concern.  DEET has long been the gold standard.  Interestingly enough, I used to use a military blend way back in the 1970s, when I was in the Army Rangers.  It had a huge percentage more DEET in it than a normal commercial brand, all manufactured during the Vietnam era and made for SE Asian jungles.  I remember using it on cold nights because it was so strong, it actually warmed your skin up.  Here’s the deal – a lot of Green Berets I initially learned fieldcraft from were Vietnam vets.  They actually soaked their uniforms in the stuff, then let them dry in the sun before wearing them on multi day recon missions.  Many Vietnam vets I know have contracted various cancers, and all of a sudden died, all while in their 50s & 60s.  I believe there is an “Agent Orange” type connection between their use of this incredibly strong DEET product and the severe stress of combat they experienced which in later life manifested itself partially in a higher incidence of mortal diseases – and this is all part of the Agent Orange legacy.

I avoid using any insect spray on my skin to this day as much as possible.


Comment from TL, ex-Navy SEAL


I wonder about many illnesses and symptoms attributed to Agent Orange. Then I think—is it the Agent Orange legacy or could it be some other chemicals such as DEET?

This is one example of toxins in our environment. Now I want you to think about another common agent—–sunscreen. We are told many of these substances are safe to use, but look at the number of chemicals in the ingredients of sunscreens. The process starts with skin application of chemicals that are then absorbed through the skin. There are safer alternatives, such as fernblock (an herb which cuts down on ultraviolet absorption) as a sunscreen or chlorophyll-based insect repellents. Both can be quite effective.

A common toxin many do not consider is Roundup—found in every suburban neighborhood. This has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor and lowers testosterone levels in men. Even if you do not use this your neighbor may have put it on his lawn along with other herbicides and pesticides.

We live in a global environment soeach of us is exposed to many chemicals in the air and water daily. Another example is dioxins which result from incineration of trash as well as burning in fields. Many of these toxins are stored in fat. We are exposed to increased concentrations of toxins when we eat animal fat. Then these agents are stored in our own fat. With dieting and loss of fatty tissue there may be a release of these toxins into our system. Many times, this may result in that lousy feeling that sometimes occurs with dieting.

I use an infrared scanner in the office to look at tissue levels of macro- and micro- nutrients, the balance of these nutrients, and also tissue levels reflecting the accumulation of toxic heavy metals. Detoxification is always a second step any good health and longevity program. There is a lot of information out there and a lot of different detoxification programs and products. I prefer to give the needed guidance for a personal detoxification program since this is such a major step. Otherwise, a detox program may look good on paper and not do anything at all for you.

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