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Can Testosterone Make Your Fingers Grow?

October 26, 2017
  • look at your ring finger
  • testosterone improves sugar metabolism
  • testosterone lowers cholesterol numbers
  • appropriate hormone replacement looks at identifying your metabolic “sweet spot” for proper levels
  • maybe you want to show your friends the finger

Here is a basic test that can be used to assess testosterone. Besides this test there may be other information supporting hormone replacement therapy. So to start you need a doctor to prescribe testosterone (controlled substance) then just start using it, right? Maybe in some places, but my goal as a physician is to do what is right for my patients. What changes can improved or optimized testosterone levels bring to your health?

  1. Testosterone is an androgenic hormone, which simply means body repair. It stimulates the immune system. It improves body composition and helps increase lean muscle mass.
  2. Testosterone improves sugar metabolism and type II diabetes
  3. Optimized testosterone levels lower cholesterol with no medication. Cholesterol is a precursor for the formation of testosterone. If testosterone levels are suboptimal, cholesterol levels go up.

Abnormalities in sugar and cholesterol represent the metabolic syndrome. In other words, something due to altered metabolism. When metabolism improves these numbers improve with no medication.

What levels are the goal in hormone replacement therapy? My process involves looking at metabolic consequences of the testosterone. Sugar and cholesterol should improve and help determine not just ”normal” values but  “optimal” values for proper metabolic function. We are looking at safe levels in a physiologic range rather than something that is “out of the park.” Monitoring also requires follow-up with a complete blood panel to look at the response from the testosterone as well as changes in other aspects of the hormone orchestra. There is a clinical need for the testosterone.

Appropriate monitoring is essential. For proper evaluation, lab work may need to be done three or four times the first year. I help the patient find his “sweet spot” as far as metabolic function. Those patients with long ring fingers may be better optimized at higher testosterone levels. Besides, you can always show your brother and friends the finger!

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