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December 19, 2016

This is a fun informational blast before we get too serious in this New Year. This article Why You Should Go Crazy For Cacao was actually sent to me by a patient and I find it very comprehensive and helpful. We’ve all heard of the health benefits of chocolate, and especially dark chocolate. The Darth Vader aspect is the sugar and other components added to make most of the chocolate we buy more appealing. The bottom line here concerns processing. Processed cacao becomes cocoa and chocolate. However, the heat in the processing degrades the bioflavonoids (the healthy components) found in cacao. Next, look at the aspect of nitric oxide activation which serves as a protective agent as far as blood vessel health. It also dilates blood vessels which can increase blood flow. This is the most important aspect as far as I am concerned— but then I am an old cardiovascular guy. This vascular benefit may also be why it helps preserve cognitive function. One aspect to look at is utilizing cacao powder in a daily smoothie. This is one ingredient that can be added along with other components for a healthful nutritional drink. As a final thought, I present The Absolute Best Coconut Water Health Shot EVER for you to think about. In our current global environment I look at the fact that we cannot entirely avoid exposure to toxins. However, if you do not have an excess body burden of toxins, the real world would say “do the best you can to reduce your exposure and intake and then develop a maintenance program for detoxification.”   Stay tuned for more serious information in the near future. Best wishes for the New Year for all of you and your families.

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