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Cold and Flu Season

September 28, 2017
Cold and Flu Season

As we approach the cold and flu season, I see signs in the subway. The flu shot is promoted, but there are many other things promoted to avoid being ill. Push vitamin C. Drink plenty of liquids. Make sure you cover up your mouth and throat when there is a cold wind outside. Don’t go out if your hair is still wet. Use those chemical hand cleansers. Start taking zinc.   Let us review some aspects. This particular article An Innovative Approach to Stopping Colds and Flu points out how certain probiotics can protect the upper respiratory tract. The gut is the nucleus of the immune system with 80% of the body’s lymphatic tissue found in the abdomen. This article presents the concept that certain probiotics can help stimulate the secretion of IgA in the gut. The same opening (mouth and oral cavity) leads to both the respiratory tract as well as the gastrointestinal tract. So this makes sense since IgA will offer protection from microbes that cause illnesses in the mouth, throat, and upper respiratory tract. Look at the article on root canals. What Is A Root Canal Procedure? We may be doing something wrong here. On page 80 An Innovative Approach to Stopping Colds and Flu other remedies available for upper respiratory infections and flu are shown. Also look at a prior article. The first item in the group is cimetidine. This is an older medication that helps control acid levels in the stomach. The mechanism is a little bit different than that purple pill you buy. This has been used for as many as 30 years in patients with colon cancer, boosting the function of the immune system.  Garlic serves as an antiviral agent. Aged or fermented garlic is the most effective. When was the last time you saw fermented garlic in the vitamin shop? Black is good. DHEA is a vital hormone that provides adrenal support when we are under stress. Proper DHEA levels are necessary for prolonging health. As we age, much less of this is secreted so a daily supplement is recommended for many patients. If not taken regularly, a boost during onset of a cold or viral illness may be helpful. Lactoferrin is a component of mother’s milk and contains substances that can stimulate the immune system to fight. Like being breast-fed for three years—and most of us never had this exposure. People talk about the effectiveness of zinc to overcome colds. The type of zinc supplement appears to be significant to achieve positive results. The zinc acetate form is absorbed in the mouth to saturate the sinuses and upper respiratory tract for its effect. This is not seen as much with the other zinc products. It is a healthful to take zinc (not acetate) on a regular basis either by diet or supplements for establishing good tissue levels that provide improved systemic response. The zinc acetate would be instituted when you feel you’re coming down with a cold. Melatonin is also another hormone that stimulates the immune system. Up the dose you usually take at night if you are feeling ill. Tamiflu is a medical antiviral agent that is available and most effective to minimize symptoms if taken early in the onset of the disease.  What should be done with vitamin C? Oral vitamin C can irritate the stomach when taken in high doses. Maximum single dose should be somewhere in the range of 500 to 1000 milligrams each time, but this needs to be repeated three times during the day to keep up adequate blood levels between doses. Vitamin C by intravenous infusion can achieve very high blood levels. The downside, of course, is that most of us do not have access to intravenous solutions when we are in our home.  Consider liposomal encapsulation. Liposomes as Advanced Delivery Systems for Nutraceuticals This serves as a delivery agent for introduction of chemicals in our body. Liposomes are phospholipids (one end that is water-soluble and the other end soluble only in fatty tissue) that are easily absorbed into the cell. Under ultrasound they can form spheres around a central core that contains another substance. With liposomal vitamin C a smaller dose will achieve tissue levels higher than can be achieved by oral dosing.  Air flights while traveling trap us in an enclosed environment. Add a tablet of Airborne in a glass of water when refreshments are passed. This contains vitamin C as well as zinc and it serves as a good product when on an airplane. Simple things can be effective. Think about hydrogen peroxide. This is a common, inexpensive chemical with tremendous capabilities fighting microbes. Personal medical use requires a food grade product of 35%—not the brown bottle of 3% from the pharmacy that contains preservatives. Placing 1 ounce in 10 ounces of distilled water in a bedside humidifier provides moisture for the upper respiratory tract and the peroxide is a natural microbe killer. In fact, white cells secrete peroxide for an antimicrobial effect during an infection. Vitamin C helps promote peroxide production, another example of how nutrients and antioxidants work together in combination. Remember that a whole food source is much better than supplements. A glass of processed or preserved orange juice is nowhere near as effective as eating a fresh orange. There are many additional substances in the orange that are chemically very similar to vitamin C. These work in synergy with the true vitamin C to give a better effect. Although the vitamin C is at a good level, supplements may be needed to replace minerals that might be depleted depending on location where the product is produced. Diet has a lot to do with our health by supporting an effective immune system. First of all, get rid of the sugar. That will definitely help colds and flu. The preservatives in processed food make the nutritional environment more complicated for our system. Trying to ingest nutrients and potential toxins from the same plate is a little bit difficult. My recommendations? Besides liposomal vitamin C, my preference is to lay information out for patients so that they understand. Then they will choose which measures they prefer. That is my relationship with patients. Chemical and hormone balance is a key to prolonging health. There are no magic bullets.



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