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August 22, 2016



This NY summer has been hot and we all have been warned about dehydration. Avoiding dehydration turns out to be much more than just drinking water.

The first article ( we lose water.docx) was presented in previous blasts and introduces pathways of water loss. This is a good general review for you to understand what is involved with water balance.

Water loss through the skin is also one of the body’s ways to detoxify but there can be a two-way street with water and its contents absorbed into the body during a shower or bath. I have mentioned before how filtering shower water can prevent absorption of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that may not be removed with municipal water treatment. I refer you back to a recent article (

I will not belabor the part that plastic bottles (BPA) play in affecting even so-called “good” drinking water. Keep in mind the relationship of these things with toxicity. We have covered that before.

Let us talk about salt–something that is not inherently bad and actually is important for balanced bodily function ( Trace minerals present in unprocessed salt are essential to our health. I do not know if you are familiar with Himalayan salt, but it is actually pink in color. And then I recently discovered bamboo salt from Korea. You can certainly tell a difference in the taste from processed salt and even sea salt. Also pay attention to the segment of this article on how “sea salt” can be processed and lose the beneficial qualities. I certainly agree with the fact that processed salt, processed food, and sugar have much more to do with hypertension then the salt itself. The adrenal glands balance salt in the body so proper balance of water and salt may help improve stress and adrenal fatigue.

The concept to remember is that there is a balance between salt and water. Ingesting only water when it is hot may actually encourage fluid retention. Adding salt (as suggested with SOLE) to some of the liquid we ingest is important as far as dehydration and fluid balance.

Conventional medicine says do not eat salt. Mother Nature says—hey, stop and think about balance— and quit all processed foods!

Now, how about a lemon juice and Himalayan salt combination? COMING!!!




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