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Detox: Real Or Not?

April 21, 2016

Detox: Real Or Not?

  1. There are many things in the environment that serve as endocrine disruptors.
  2. Toxin exposure involves processed food as well as water sources.
  3. Exposure to toxins is also present in everyday products and clothing.
  4. Adverse body composition (accumulation of fat) may be a protective mechanism to sequester toxins and minimize the effects in our bodies.
  5. There are many subtle signs and symptoms of toxins. An example may be some skin rashes.
  6. No one regimen for detox can be used as a cookbook for all.

As we go into the final round of detoxification, I want to introduce some articles that emphasize the importance. We live in a toxic environment and are doing this to ourselves. Here is a simple example. I am 64 years old. Take a group of 64-year-old men today and get an average testosterone level. Now take a group of 64-year-old men in the 1950s and get an average testosterone level. The level of the latter group will be 35 to 40% higher. That tells you what we are doing to ourselves because I have a hard time believing we are less men than the 1950s. The first article Are Plastic Chemicals Ruining your Love life? talks about endocrine disruptors. Phthalates are so very important in this aspect and plastics in our society are ubiquitous. We deal with what we are exposed to with household cleaners, herbicides and other agents that we use in our daily life. Roundup is a good example– this is been shown to be a testicular killer. Even if you do not use Roundup on your own yard, exposure from that applied by neighbors can affect us. Then consider women’s cosmetics and lotions and the fragrances (even the plug-in room deodorizers) that provide a constant exposure to toxins. As far as the article on Is Your Clothing Polluting Our Oceans? the thing to consider is not just polluting the environment but what you are absorbing from wearing this clothing as well. This is a double whammy. 10 Gross Things Hiding in Your Toothpaste is another example of one daily household product that is considered safe. Just look at the ingredients. A little scary? The ingredient triclosan is definitely detrimental to our health. Coloring is also a potential toxin. That is why at Cenegenics we look at the content and coloring of the capsule of different supplements. Many of the ingredients found in common vitamin and supplement preparations are a potential source of toxins. Simple exposure in just a tiny amount is deemed safe by the FDA. What happens if there is a cumulative exposure over time? That is the point I try to make. To eliminate the coloring in capsules makes it more difficult to identify products so we walk a fine line between being patient friendly and patient healthy. I will also tell you that many of the protein powders on the market contain cadmium and arsenic after processing. The next article Detoxing is a scam, isn’t it? talks about detox as a scam. Exploitation and making money simply has to do with introducing a detox method that may or may not be effective but it is profitable for someone. We already have an effective built in detoxification system in the body. Many times this is operating suboptimally and is not effective. Toxins are all around us. The key is to minimize exposure and the first major step is going to a whole food diet concept (no packaged or processed foods) and to look at a good water source. As far as water, it is important not only to filter water that is used for cooking and drinking but to also include a filtering system for the shower where we take our daily bath. Absorption and excretion of toxins occur in the skin as a two way street. These measures can help our system to keep up with the daily exposure to toxins. Many times a detox regimen serves to break bad habits and get us back to the correct line of thinking. Sometimes a more aggressive program may be needed depending on symptoms of toxicity. These symptoms may be subtle, such as a chronic rash (even rosacea or psoriasis) or allergy type symptoms.

The last article 3 Warm Liquids That FLUSH Toxins From Your Body describes that no one regimen is appropriate for all. Milk thistle and dandelion root supplements boost liver metabolism. Glutathione and vitamin C are also used for improved liver detoxification. Sometimes chelation for heavy metals is necessary. Chlorophyll in a whole food diet serves as a good natural detoxifier. I will mention again the use of peroxide because this is a very simple and effective method of detoxification. I can assure you that I am not trying to sell you anything. Hydrogen peroxide is cheap. The medical industry will not make money from this because it cannot be patented.

Keep in mind that an adverse body composition is one of the body’s mechanisms to protect us from toxins. By conserving fatty tissue the toxins are sequestered to minimize their effect on our system. This can make it difficult to lose weight. Our bodies protect us by sequestering the toxins that would otherwise be released into our systems. This article also talks about fragrances. It lists the many chemicals that are found in perfumes and fragrances such as room deodorizers. Many times allergic symptoms and funny rashes are simply a result of our exposure to these toxins. I like the comment about toxic teabags. So many simple things can be a potential source of problems. Even if you do not have a toxic “burden” it is important to develop a maintenance program. This can be done through diet and supplements. There is a comment about turmeric. Remember the concept of processed foods. Curcumin is found as a supplement in many health food stores. This is simply one of the derivatives of turmeric and I emphasize it is best to go back the natural source instead of using a processed supplement. Buy turmeric in the spice department of the grocery store. Use it in cooking and add it to a smoothie. To summarize, we need to be aware that there are many things in our environment that we do not suspect are potential problems for us. The environment exposes us to many things that may be endocrine disruptors. Again, consider what we ingest not only in the food but water as well. Adverse body composition and the accumulation of fat may serve and protect us by storing the toxins so they do not affect us. This can certainly work against us as far as fat loss and may be where some are stuck in improving their body composition. Our bodies may protect us by sequestering the toxins that would otherwise be released into our systems. There is no one regimen that is good for all. There are many subtle signs and symptoms suggestive of an increased body burden of toxins. These are frequently overlooked by conventional medicine who look at dealing with toxicity that brings us to the ER. You have to be “sick” enough to show up in the ER for this to be considered. The overall concept of detoxification is what I want to convey in this informational email. Continue to think about the importance of detoxification. This is the next step as far as prolonging health and longevity. And the peroxide information is coming—I assure you this is truly interesting!

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