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Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

December 10, 2016

Obesity rates are increasing. Statistics show that this is more so in the 45 to 64-year-old age group than in others. This is the time of life where you want to watch out. But it is Holiday Season…!

If you follow certain basics in your daily lifestyle, you do not have to worry about “cheating” during the holidays. I hope the information presented will help make you more aware of aspects of your diet. Some of these things go against conventional medical wisdom. My medical school curriculum did not include any significant training in nutrition in the early 1970s. I have a daughter who is in her third year of family practice training and she has shared her similar experience with me. Most doctors do not know anything about nutrition and that can include basics. What you hear and read in the news and on the net needs to be carefully digested.

Let us start with a few basics: Help, I’m Gaining Weight! This Could be Why. I have always preached against processed foods. Many of the chemicals and preservatives added adversely affect our normal metabolism. Wheat of any kind is a killer. There is no such thing as whole wheat. The gluten plays havoc with our insulin levels—and remember insulin has a chemical structure similar to growth hormone that can interfere with growth hormone balance. When the label states—vitamin fortified—it means that during processing nutrients are removed and then added back. Unfortunately, what may be added is a synthetic preparation that is not recognized by the body and so it is not assimilated. We have talked about the isomer chemical structure before (mirror image).

The comment on the food pyramid cannot be more true. I have been around long enough to see the pendulum swing back to the 1950’s—an era far more healthy as far as food sources. Fats should be the base—good fats, that is.

Common medications such as antidepressants, pain medications, NSAIDs such as Celebrex and ibuprofen, and common heart medications (beta–blockers) can affect metabolism.

Here is a double-edged sword. Antidepressants can adversely affect the way we store fat. Depression affects overall balance and sometimes unhealthy eating or binging plays a part. So do we or do we not medicate? Many times mood changes and swings are related to hormone imbalance and can be corrected or improved looking at this aspect rather than medication. I have seen this consistently in my practice.

Being stressed out affects adrenal function—an integral part of the overall hormone orchestra. Cortisol signals that there is a long, cold winter approaching—better store everything you can as fat.

Next there is an article on metabolism busters: 5 Metabolism Busters that are Keeping You Fat. Remember sugar substitutes (and this includes Stevia) affect our metabolism in adverse ways. The concept of avoiding empty calories with simple carbohydrates is a no-brainer. As far as iodine, I feel the American diet is generally deficient and I consider this an essential element to support our metabolism. Look at the comments on exercise- can you imagine a workout only 20 minutes in length three or four times a week? Short bursts of intense exercise can help reset a faulty rheostat and get our systems going again. Simple things like CoQ10 can also spark metabolism.

The third article, 3 Healthy Food LIES Reveal Why Your Kitchen Is Full Of “Fat Storing” Ingredients…is fun to read. The high points are the following:

  1. This is not so much about avoiding fat. You need to avoid sugar. Saturated fats can be good. Coconut oil is excellent. As far as animal fats, we need to consider the source. Grass fed is healthy. Corn fed and chemicalized upsets your balanced system with increased inflammation and hormone disruption.
  2. Don’t trust food labels. They sneak trans fat and artificial sweeteners into everything. Avoid boxes and packages.
  3. Just skim through the section on fake health foods—interesting. This is all about an industry.
  4. Many chemicals cause hormone disruption. Avoid boxes and packages, cans and bottles.

Here are some fat storing foods you may not have thought about:

  1. Orange juice gives you a sugar spike. The fiber in the pulp helps blunt this a little bit but, in general, too much sugar.
  2. Wheat bread, whole wheat, whatever, most of it is bad.
  3. Artificial butter, margarine, alternative spreads are horrible chemicals. Their molecular structure is one step away from plastic.
  4. Artificial sweeteners including Stevia. Stevia is 95% dextrose which is simply sugar.
  5. Many olive oil preparations are not pure. They may contain canola and other oil.
  6. Soy sauce and other condiments contain high fructose corn syrup.
  7. As far as sources of meat or dairy, consider range free grass fed.
  8. Not only did I not realize that there was fake honey out there, but it makes sense that it could be contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals.

So the key is to become a fat burning factory. Minimize carbs and the ones you use make sure they have high nutritional content. Avoid the fake foods—that means fast food, some restaurant food, processed food, and many of those that have a healthy label on the wrapper.

Finally, I cannot leave you without touching on toxins 4 Foods That Naturally Purge Toxins From Your Body (helps “release” trapped fat cells). Eat well as part of a maintenance detoxification program.

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday. I always try to stimulate thinking and questions with these informational emails. Feel free to be in touch with me at any time.
So, I was walking my dogs and noted this on a bulletin board in front of a church:

Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.

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