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February is Heart Month

February 7, 2017


  • Testosterone is essential for heart health.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of heart and vascular problems.
  • It is probably not the Viagra that causes heart problems.
  • We have methods to objectively test for these things.

Everyone knows February represents heart month. It is also associated with romantic qualities because of Valentine’s Day. Both of these issues concern the topic of this short essay. The first article is from a medical journal and represents current views of testosterone use from the cardiovascular standpoint. Remember that the organ with the most testosterone receptors in the whole body is not that little guy between our legs (for men, but this information still applies to the ladies) but the heart. Heart health is directly related to optimum testosterone levels. Testosterone is necessary for heart, blood vessel, and overall health. Cognitive function and emotions can improve with optimization of testosterone levels. So can libido and sexual function. So how is this related? Before any buildup that blocks blood flow occurs in the blood vessels, we can identify early changes in the appearance and function of the lining of the blood vessel which serve as a warning light to stop the progression. A sonogram can identify plaque in blood vessels. This is a sound wave picture showing anatomy. Even when plaque is absent, if the inner lining of the blood vessel is not healthy this can lead to a cardiovascular problem. As far as the physiology, look at the information that I have presented before about an office exam that can objectively measure early changes in vascular elasticity Enhance Your Endothelial Function. Atherosclerosis is a systemic process even though local buildup can cause specific things such as a heart attack or stroke. Changes in the small blood vessels can lead to progressive symptoms involving signs and symptoms in multiple systems.  As such, a key here is that erectile dysfunction can be an early symptom of coronary artery disease. So trying to fix this with a shot of testosterone or a Viagra may simply ignore a more important issue that may need to be addressed. The Vendys exam gives us the opportunity to look at cardiovascular health in an objective way and follow progression or regression.  Endothelial function actually represents the elasticity of the blood vessel Enhance Endothelial Function And Reduce Arterial Stiffness. Besides stiffness resulting from sugar abuse, nitric oxide is another component which helps relax blood vessels and protect the inner lining from buildup, promoting vessel health. Certain medications including the common proton pump inhibitors for stomach acid can interfere with intrinsic nitric oxide production An Unexpected Effect Of Proton Pump Inhibitors. Arginine and glutamine in the diet promote the formation of nitric oxide. There are also certain supplements and herbal agents such as Chinese Salvia that do the same. So now the part about using testosterone to maintain heart health. My goal for patients with hormone optimization is to restore levels to what the body recognizes as normal physiologic levels, not just relying on numbers that are in the so-called “normal range.” I am looking functionally for your “sweet spot” (as my boys used to call their favorite part of the bat for getting results). How do we determine this? Let us start with some simple facts. First of all, did you need a cholesterol pill when you were 35? Cholesterol is a precursor for the formation of sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen). It is also used to make vitamin D. Invariably I see the cholesterol levels come down by themselves when these areas are optimized. Adult onset diabetes can also be related. Testosterone has a direct effect to improve sugar metabolism. Besides the diet abuse, hormone levels play a significant part in controlling high insulin and blood sugar levels. Another benefit of optimum levels. The third metabolic area I look at as far as testosterone effect is the bone marrow. Bone marrow is stimulated by healthy levels of testosterone and leads to an increase in hemoglobin to the range of 16-17. This is where it was when we were in our 20s. This is healthy. So come away with this: First of all, we are talking about optimum levels for function rather than absolute numbers on a lab report. I will finish by sharing links to two other articles. One discusses benefits of testosterone use. This is a very nice article written at the lay level. The other has to do with hormone replacement therapy in older men. Next, that testosterone is very important for cardiovascular health. And, erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of vascular problems. Finally, we have methods to objectively test for and follow these things. And for good measure, I am going to add in my major points about prolonging health and longevity: 1. Maintaining an ideal body composition with the android fat less than 25%. 2. Maintaining or increasing muscle mass. 3. Being able to reach and maintain your maximum heart rate with short bursts of very intense exercise. 4. Detoxifying from the daily environmental exposure.


Now, related to Valentine’s Day I give you the following :


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