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Hungry Teenagers

October 4, 2017

The word doctor comes from a Greek word that means teacher. When dealing with health issues I try to present them in a fashion so that the patient can understand and then determine how to use this information to improve their own personal health. I am not intending to be an alarmist, but this article is very pertinent. Investigative Report: Are You Eating Genetically Modified Salmon? Here’s How To Know

I have always pushed a Paleolithic type lifestyle concept, which includes a diet of whole foods, managing altered sleep cycles, and the ability to increase physical activity to a certain level for survival.

Packaged and processed food does not improve that diet and further introduces toxins that need to be cleaned up. Chemicals are added, sugar almost always, as well as processed salt. There is a vast difference between Himalayan salt and processed salt. Most sea salts are not worthwhile.

Significant differences can be seen whether an animal is farm raised or wild. First of all, sex hormones and growth hormone are given for rapid increase in size in a short period of time. Second, other contaminants may be dissolved in the controlled water environment. Think about the pink color. GMO salmon meat is apparently light colored so it needs to be tinted with orange. I wonder what contaminant that provides.

Finally, the purpose of developing GMO salmon is to have a source to provide cheap protein, but not to make you sick. Chronic inflammation is low-grade with no acute symptoms until over the years it leads to physical changes and illness. The current farm raised variety provides inferior nutrition. GMO makes this a more aggressive animal. But this is not a healthy source of protein.

Think about these things presented in Investigative Report: Are You Eating Genetically Modified Salmon? Here’s How To Know: As far as a source of fatty acids, this fish provides an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio that actually may contribute to chronic inflammation. This is neither healthy or natural. A Few Basics on Fat

  • Are these things currently being imported from other countries that do not have any legal restrictions? So nothing is mentioned and nothing is asked. They just show up on the grocery shelf. Maybe colored orange.
  • These salmon are more potent. They are like hungry teenagers. Tamara Pearson provides us with a wonderful description using those words. They overeat and grow fast. Can this cause an imbalance between some natural species and this GMO salmon?
  • Is this the tip of the iceberg, with cows, chickens, and pigs to follow? Or has that already occurred?
  • As we try to process food, consideration of things that make it less nutritious and more toxic should be of prime concern.
  • A wide majority of people do not understand these things about nutrition and do not feel they are important for their own personal health. Changes are subtle, but healthy nutrition can lead substantially to more quality years.
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