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Is It only Water?

March 30, 2017

Let me start out by asking you what is “busking?” Think about it while you read the rest of this. Water makes up 99% of the molecules in our body and represents 70% of body weight. Dehydration discusses the balance of salt and water and its effect on health. Lemon water is another that I published recently that addresses water and electrolyte balance. There is no question that water provides a balance for metabolic functions in our body and plays a major role in our health. Many degenerative and chronic conditions can improve with the administration of good water. It can improve neurocognitive function. Good water can reverse some of the effects of toxins in our environment. What makes up good water? First, think about content of water. Industrial waste and agricultural chemicals can affect underground sources of water. Obviously, some chemicals are extremely dangerous. With many others, however, while benign in small amounts, the deleterious effect comes with accumulation over many years. These substances include the heavy metals cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic. There are many chemicals used in the production and processing of our food supply. A myriad of pharmaceuticals are disposed by flushing them down the toilet. Some of these substances may not be removed in water treatment plants, The #1 Reason Why You Must Stop Drinking Tap Water. Eliminating pharmaceuticals is not routinely performed in the treatment process.  One of the worst toxins is BPA, which is ubiquitous, but there are other aspects Caution: Salmon From This Region Contains Cocaine And Prescription Drugs. Some sources of water (Pacific Ocean) continue to show signs of radioactivity from what occurred in Japan following the tsunami. This also makes me a little gun shy to eat seafood from the northern Pacific Ocean. So content is important. Expand this to ice, Why You Should NEVER Order Ice At Restaurants (Or Use At Home). Now, think about the molecular structure of water. Glass is a liquid that is quite viscous. However, if you look at a window that is 100 years old, you will notice that it is thicker at the bottom than it is at the top. Glass has a liquid crystalline structure. The same can occur with water. There is an optimum structure that allows water inside and outside the cell to facilitate body functions at the microscopic level. I like to think in terms of organized water and disorganized water. You have a bedroom that is neat and clean and then a tantrum comes through and scatters everything. The contents are the same as the original bedroom but it is now disorganized. This concept can also be applied to water—organized and disorganized. And it is a dynamic picture—not static. Some things like electromagnetic waves may interfere with the structure. Drinking bottled water may not be the best answer, Is Your Water Too Acidic? Here Are The Most Damaging Brands. So health depends on structure as well as content of water. I emphasize the point that not only drinking water but also shower water should be filtered since chemicals can be absorbed through our skin. The occurrence of trace minerals helps to stabilize the acid-base balance. Some natural substances such as hydrogen peroxide or ozone can enhance water’s ability. In addition, magnetic fields may help restore the liquid crystalline structure of water as the water trickles over rock. These may be the effect seen from miracle waters such as Lourdes. I leave you with an article I sent out about a year ago Water–It May Be Almost Everywhere But Not Good Everywhere. And what is busking? This refers to the activity of panderers on the street or in the subway earning money by playing music, acrobatics, or other means.

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