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What do you Know About your Blood Type?

January 4, 2018

What do you Know About your Blood Type?

It is not common that people in the United States know their blood type. Many foreigners have this test done as far as routine medical care. In my clinical practice, patients ask about their blood type as far as directing a special diet to lose weight and stay healthy. Food and weight loss will be addressed later. Look at other aspects that may be related to blood type, 7 Things Your Blood Type Can Tell You About Your Health

As far as the difference in blood types, type O does not produce any antigens that will cause antibody production stimulating a rejection process when infused to patients who are types A, B, or AB. O blood can be given to anyone. It is the universal donor. When you look at the other blood types you can see there are certain antigens which will stimulate antibodies. Type AB is known as the universal recipient because they can receive blood from any other blood type without producing antibodies.

When you look through the conditions associated with blood types, note the section on cardiovascular disease. There is mention of many other risk factors that are variables involved in this condition which makes it difficult to give a specific risk related to blood type alone. So the tendency to look at the patient’s blood type as far as increased incidence of disease may not be as important as other lifestyle conditions.

O blood type appears to be related with lower incidence of certain cancers.

Now look at blood types and food relationship, The Blood Type Diet It is suggested that type A patients do better as vegetarians and type O as meat eaters. I am type O and I certainly know that higher protein intake makes me feel much better. Thinking about worldwide distribution of blood types, Asian Indians and other Asians have a high incidence of type II diabetes. Whether this is related to blood type, due to a higher glycemic diet like rice, or a combination would be the question.

So, besides a particular food type, a more important point would be using a whole food source. Avoid food found in a box, can, bottle, or package. There are many preservatives added to processed food that can affect health. Sugar and simple carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice) are killers.

Besides this, look at the source of the food. Grass fed beef and grass fed dairy can be very healthy. As far as fish, look for wild sources rather than farm raised.

In my experience, these areas are more important than adjusting your diet based on blood typing.

So remind me with your next blood test to order a blood typing.

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