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The President’s Gray Hair

March 5, 2017

The 2016 presidential campaign was like a rodeo ride. The saga continues .  This is what I have to say:


As we develop the topic of detoxification, I present this series of articles to review. I introduce this topic as far as gray hair. Please see the following articles: The Ancient Chinese Herb Fo-Ti and Science Confirms an Age-Old Remedy for Gray Hair and Baldness. I ask you to look at the recent presidents as they enter the White House and eight years later when they leave with gray hair. Is it the stress? My contention is that this may be due to the processed food they are served in the White House I share an article on How a Healthy Diet May Help Stop Premature Gray Hairs. That is why I present the current information on gray hair. I am 64 years old and after initiating certain detoxification measures I have seen the little bit of gray hair that I have regress. I have also seen “age spots” on my skin disappear. Age spots are composed of lipofuscin-basically they contain toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. This points out the important influence of our environment, but at the same time it can be arrested and reversed. I continue with hair loss because this can be seen as a side effect of optimization with testosterone please read this article regarding Testosterone and Hair Loss. However, consider the recommended treatment and using local (polysorbate 80) methods rather than focusing on DHT blood levels.The next article DHT and Fat Destroy Hair Follicles further discusses diet and encourages the avoidance of refined and processed food. I include an article on Copper Salicylate whose function is so important in many aspects of our metabolism. This article talks about how this may play a part in gray hair as well as hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). The thing we need to consider if we are trying to follow the concept of a whole food diet is the depletion in the soil of many micronutrients that leads to a deficiency in the food we ingest. I also look at the aspect that copper cannot patente—so the attention from the healthcare industry is minimal. The copper-zinc enzyme Superoxide Desmutase (DOS) is so important in detoxification. It directly affects the glutathione (which is the master antioxidant of the body) activity in the liver. If you look at other antioxidants and their pathway, the final step is always increasing intracellular glutathione. Copper has a direct effect on the elasticity of the skin and the pigmentation (melanin) in the hair. Changes in these organs can be seen as a reflection of the lack of copper and other minerals in the diet, toxins absorbed from soil and water found in whole foods, the presence of other toxins (these can be “safe” additives and preservatives in processed food), and their effect on our system. These are subtle changes that do not make us sick but certainly represent wear and tear. So the presidents are being fed an inferior diet and this leads to gray hair—this is what I think—processed food and environmental toxins play a major role in premature gray hair. It is complex—iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium—all in balance. It is more complicated than taking one supplement. Some minerals are assimilated by mouth, but this article also talks about topical application and absorption. The comment about DMSO is interesting—not only is it sulfur-based (remember that I commented previously about sulfur and its importance in detoxification) but promotes absorption and can be used as a delivery agent when combined with other compounds. Finally, my support of the Schweitzer formula? There may be some place for this, but for many patients the compliance factor would be low. Instead, I hope to give you some background and basic guidance about what you may read on the Internet and other sources. Please take everything with a “grain of salt.” I try to present a balanced, informed view. If you can see any trend in what we discuss it is that a whole food diet (Paleo concept) is the most important factor. Then it is up to you to incorporate what you feel are appropriate changes into your lifestyle.

I really do not know the menu and food sources in the White House, but even eating “good, healthy foods” in a restaurant presents uncontrollable variables about what is the source and what has been added to keep the food “fresh” and presentable. On paper you are doing what you are supposed to do, but your body certainly does not assimilate things in an optimum fashion. And in no way am I accusing anyone of trying to kill our presidents.

We are getting closer to talking about chelation—and wait for the information on hydrogen peroxide—interesting!

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