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May 2, 2017

This is an excellent article (attached article). It really hits the high points.


Many times on paper we are doing the right thing. Practically speaking, it needs to be carried out in the correct manner to achieve the results.


The points that I would like to emphasize are the following:

  1. It is important to have the right preparation for a probiotic. It should contain a lot of the bifido– type bacteria. Yogurt alone is not sufficient.
  2. Review the first chapter of my book and you can see how I explain the concept of prebiotics . These little guys need to be fed to proliferate.
  3. The next time you are in a Whole Foods store go to the juice bar and try a Kombucha. Remember that fermented foods need to be ingested on a regular basis to achieve the results.
  4. Finally, I like the comment about looking at the consistency of your bowel movement. For example, people may ask “how much fiber do I need to take?” This will vary for everyone and also depends on the overall diet. Basically, if you were in a field your bowel movement should look like a cow pie (coming from a Kansas boy). In the bowl it should fall apart and float. If it is formed and sinks then there is insufficient fiber. These are the signs that you have adequate fiber in the diet.
  5. Finally, remember the information I passed on to you regarding hygiene. We need to learn to coexist with our environment.
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