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The Saga of Nitric Oxide

July 26, 2017

Nitric oxide is currently receiving a lot of attention for managing and being proactive with cardiovascular health Enhance Your Endothelial Function and Enhance Endothelial Function And Reduce Arterial Stiffness. A Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was given to three scientists for their research on nitric oxide. The journal SCIENCE once declared nitric oxide the “molecule of the year.” The primary effect is to protect the endothelium or inner lining of the blood vessels. It relaxes blood vessels and may improve high blood pressure. There is evidence showing that it boosts athletic performance. Nitric oxide is involved as far as managing oxidative stress. And, of course, it leads to dilation of veins in the penis, which when engorged leads to an erection. In my opinion, when a guy begins to have some ED issues, I consider that a risk factor for cardiovascular disease VIAGRA and your HEART which needs to be developed further Endothelial Dysfunction Is A Systemic Subclinical Disease and Should Be Treated Before It Becomes Clinical. With this increasing interest in nitric oxide, many products have become available that promote an increase in nitric oxide levels Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels With L-Arginine, Right? Wrong! Examples are Neo 40 and Cordiart. And then you have Cialis and Viagra that inhibit the breakdown of the nitric oxide as their mechanism of action Amla and salvia (a Chinese herb) have also been used Chinese Saliva and Nirtic Oxide. Let me try and help you make some sense of this. We are not talking about the gas nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. Nitric oxide is produced by nitric oxide synthetase. It can become depleted just like any other nutrient in our body. Beets and some fruits and vegetables like kale provide nitrates in our diet. This is the precursor for nitric oxide. Arginine can be taken as a supplement but dietary sources (whole food concept) can also supply adequate arginine. Arginine by itself may not be sufficient. There are various forms of beet powder now currently available that can be taken as a supplement or mixed with a smoothie. Combinations of foods may help boost efficacy in improving nitric oxide levels This Food Pair May Boost Heart Health. Now think about how the proton pump inhibitors (the purple pill which cuts down on stomach acid) may increase cardiovascular risk An Unexpected Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors… This goes back to assimilation. On paper we may be ingesting the correct supplement but if these are in the wrong form or taken in the wrong way they may not be utilized sufficiently by the body. So a common stomach medicine may increase cardiovascular risk. How about the comment on athletic performance? Enhance Your Endothelial Function and Enhance Endothelial Function And Reduce Arterial Stiffness refer to this, but there is another modality available which looks promising as far as improving performance Phototherapy in skeletal muscle performance… Low level lasers in the infrared spectrum have been used to stimulate nitric oxide production prior to athletic performance (There seems to be merit in this). So the bottom line is we all want nitric oxide for cardiovascular and overall health. Now, I have this 84-year-old gentleman in my practice who is still sexually active. One day he came to me and told me his Cialis wasn’t working anymore. There is a way to measure nitric oxide using a dipstick and saliva. I had never done this test on this gentleman and it revealed low nitric oxide levels. We started a supplement to increase nitric oxide and he came back to see me in three months. When asked about how his little guy was working, he told me he threw away the Cialis. I asked about the supplement and he was taking that regularly at a double dose. I do not feel this is a passing fad like many supplements. Although there are no magic bullets (those reporting significant improvement immediately may be suffering from very depleted nitric oxide levels), improving nitric oxide levels is a basic concept helpful for everyone Cenegenics New York Brings the Latest in Preventive Cardiovascular Diagnostics to Their Elite Health Center.


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