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June 21, 2016

I like to review information that comes out in the lay literature such as magazines and newspapers. When I see something that is pertinent for my patients, I like to share my comments. This particular article was sent to me by an ex-military special forces patient who understands the health restorative qualities of good sleep. Sleep, of course, is essential to our health. It resets our system and allows repair and regeneration. I think you are all familiar with the Paleo diet. Basically, Paleolithic man would run down wild game when available but otherwise ate what he could pick from a tree or bush or from the ground. Genetically, our systems may still be accustomed to this. I also like to think of sleep in this concept. When the sun went down, Paleolithic man went to bed. When it got light, he started his day. This basic bio-rhythmic pattern has been interrupted today by lights, travel across time zones, and things such as alcohol. Many of my patients have sleep issues. Balancing sex hormones is helpful for many. Some benefit by taking a big slug of vitamin D at bedtime (like 10,000 units). Progesterone at bedtime can also help induce a better sleep cycle. Then we have supplements such as the natural hormone melatonin, 5HTP, and GABA. Still, these things do not help all patients. Dr. Weill has practiced alternative medicine for many years. Alternative medicine encompasses many areas–it is not only the use of herbs. Natural medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, ayurvedic (Asian Indian) medicine, Chinese medicine, and homeopathic are some of the areas that make up alternative medicine. Pranayama is an ayurvedic technique. What I look at as far as the effect is twofold. The first is improving oxygenation of tissues–oxygen is basic to maintaining health. The second aspect has to do with balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. To the above, I would also add a grateful list. My grandmother repeatedly emphasized to me the importance of gratitude to help with anxiety. I used to write out a grateful list and then got to the point where I could just start going through this in my head. In a very short time, I was relaxed enough to sleep. The technique described in this article is very simple to do but at the same time very difficult. My shortcoming is sometimes taking the time and effort for this.

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