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Sodas- The Good,The Bad, And The Ugly

July 17, 2016

While it is still summer I want to continue with topics pertinent to the season. At the same time we will continue to develop the theme of toxicity. Articles 1 & 2 1.) Yes, There is Such a Thing as Healthy Soda 2.) 4-methylimidazole and 4 Other Reasons to Dump Your Soda Down the Drain The first two articles are a little frightening and another example we are doing to ourselves. There has been an increase in pancreatic cancer in this country. Along with cardiovascular disease, for me this correlates more with high fructose corn syrup than with anything else. The other thing to glean from these articles has to do with the ingredients that are found in packaged and canned goods. Sodium benzoate is commonly found as a preservative. It is a little scary to think about conversion to benzene which is a known carcinogen. This preservative also prevents the conversion of the vitamin D precursor to the active vitamin D form despite adequate sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency and altered levels of phosphorus (from the phosphates in the soda) can lead to loss of bone density that is becoming a more common condition in this country. Artificial colors and flavors are just more chemicals. Articles 3 & 4 3.) Why Super Sweetened Sodas Are Deliciously Killing Us 4.) Is Going Back to Real Sugar the Answer for Soda Manufacturers and Consumers? Sugar is a killer. I have said this many times. Soft drinks and “healthy” juices all have sugar added. Look at the label. More than 10 g per serving makes the preparation unhealthy no matter what else is said about the ingredients. And think about which foods are consistently sprayed with pesticides. The most common are the thin-skinned fruits– grapes, apples, cherries— we need to keep this under consideration. Article 5 5.) Toxic Trio in Energy Drinks: What You Should Know Now I included an article on energy drinks. This is also a packaged and processed product. Why not just ingest the ingredients in a whole food diet? How about a home-prepared workout drink? I would not argue about this route. Articles 6, 7 & 8  6.) Overweight Americans Who Choose Diet Drinks Eat More Food 7.) Splenda, Not So Splendid: A Recent Downgrade Makes People Wonder Just How Safe This Artificial Sweetener Is 8.) Splenda Earns Caution Label – Consumers Beware My comment about artificial sweeteners is that they are chemicals that still can affect hormones in our system (like insulin) as well as cause side effects such as affecting neurotransmitters. This has been shown with aspartame and others but did you also know that Splenda has been used as a pesticide. That does not sound good to me. Article 9 9.) 9 Uses for Baking Soda that May Surprise You I include the article on common household uses of another “soda” (soda bicarbonate) only in so far as to show practical usage of a safe and simple product. This is so much different than the so-called “safe” chemicals and preservatives found in processed foods. Finally the first article talks about good sodas for the summer. I usually do not get into recipes but rely on you to use your judgement based on your understanding and personal tastes.   The things that I will continue to emphasize in future blasts are the avoidance of processed foods and the significant  presence of toxins in our environment that continue to work against our health. We are doing this to ourselves and we need to individually protect ourselves. I know everyone is gone in August taking time with family. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Just think about your health—this is your future.

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