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Spring Recycling

April 17, 2016

Spring Recycling

A patient sent this to me and it really lit a spark ( ) . The guy in this video has the answer. He has hit on some real keys to longevity. Yes, there are accidents or maybe exposure to a toxin that causes a gene mutation and cancer that shortens our life. We just do the best we can but with certain basics this stuff works!

Let me review a little bit about the Paleo concept. Remember this involves Paleolithic man and his lifestyle. Even though the environment has advanced technologically, our basic DNA has not. Genetically we function best in a different environment than present society offers.

First, there is the whole food concept. Paleo man had no processed food. Fat was a major energy source. Do not be afraid of good fats– there is no problem. Quite the opposite. Packaged and processed food has poor nutritional value and added preservatives may be potentially damaging to our health. With aging, there needs to be a conscious increase of protein intake in the diet to maintain and increase lean muscle mass. Even though the dinner plate looks full with enough protein, more may be needed.

I am also agreed the food pyramid is upside down.

Second, think about sleep patterns. What did Paleolithic man do when the sun went down? We have shifted our biological clock and a good sleep resets so many things in our bodies. Sleeping aids may not allow enough good sleep.

Next, the concept of exercise with short, intense bursts also fits with the Paleo concept. For survival Paleolithic man had to run fast to catch his food and sprint just as fast to get away from becoming prey. Short bursts are less wearing on the body. I remember my best time for the 100 yard dash (a little shorter than 100 m) was 10.8 seconds so I would probably struggle against this 96-year-old man right now. Short, intense bursts are really the key and this is not only remarkable in the results but also practical because there is much less wear and tear on the joints.

Look at this 96-year-old body composition. Keeping the android (visceral or internal organ) fat below 25% is key. Maintaining lean muscle mass is the next step.

Society accepts a slow decline after the age of 65. Or you can still go through a recycling. This article should give you some motivation as well as some key points for aging well. Your program really depends on your overall goals.

I have presented my major points about prolonging health and longevity several times before. Read them now after looking at this video.


  1. Maintaining an ideal body composition with the android fat less than 25%. 2. Maintaining or increasing muscle mass. 3. Being able to reach and maintain your maximum heart rate with short bursts of very intense exercise. 4. Detoxifying from the daily environmental exposure.

Age management is been exciting for me as a second career and as I continue to learn more about the “human machine.” This 96-year-old man validates my thinking.

Spring is the season for growth and renewal– have a good one.


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