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Super Bowl/Super Brady?

February 2, 2017

The Super Bowl is upon us. Tom Brady is back again. Too bad he is overweight (


We have talked about diet. There are some general principles which apply to most. The first step is the whole food concept. When you come out of the grocery store you have no boxes, packages, cans, or bottles. No processed food. Many of the chemicals involved can disrupt hormones.

Of course a low glycemic concept is also important. Processed sugar and simple carbohydrates need to be minimized if not completely eliminated.

The next step is thinking organic. This is particularly important with dairy products. Grass fed dairy products and meat are very healthy without the hormones and antibiotics. And there is nothing wrong with eating eggs. I worry more about the source because corn fed chickens promote inflammation.

A lot of processed food may also contain gluten, MSG, and other chemicals.

Now look at the article from the New York Post on Tom Brady’s diet ( ). I just thought it was interesting. Sometime sit back and evaluate your own diet.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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