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Three Articles

July 21, 2016

I am sending three articles, which I feel are pertinent to my patients. The first article relates to the long-term safety of growth hormone in testosterone. Of course, I preface this with the comment that hormone optimization with these hormones needs to be used with the appropriate medical indications and monitored at intervals for safety. Alzheimer’s is something that scares everyone—see article two. I have not only seen improvement of mood and the ability to discontinue antidepressant medications in patients, but now we see a recent study based on a population of non-Hispanic Caucasians related to dementia. The third article has to do with the use of statins for cholesterol. Remember, cholesterol is a precursor used to make vitamin D and testosterone. If levels of these are suboptimal, then cholesterol levels go up as the body tries to compensate. I have seen this time and time again. Optimize the hormones and cholesterol levels come down without medication. Although hormone optimization was not addressed in the current study, the paper certainly points out deleterious effects of statins. It may start you out on the typical American medical pattern—medications to make numbers look better but not the quality of life for the patient or an improvement in cardiovascular or cancer risk. The fact that a good number of patients on statins went on to need a diabetic medication is alarming. I point out that optimum testosterone levels improve sugar metabolism. The focus here is chemical and hormone balance to have the “human machine” function optimally.

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