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Tom Brady is Fat

September 1, 2016


At Cenegenics we use a low x-ray exposure dexa scan.

This gives us bone density and body composition (dexa). Conventional medicine and insurance companies are stuck on the BMI. So, first of all, look at the article   pertinentto this discussion.

Inaccurate measurement of true body composition can hinder decisions in how exercise and nutrition may be used to change body composition. Dexa can actually quantify in pounds the amount of lean muscle and fat. This can be followed as a trend rather than relying on changes in the number of pounds “ overweight” as far as being healthy.

Another piece of information is distribution of the fat. The so-called android distribution—visceral— internal organ fat—- is what will kill you. The goal should be an android distribution of less than 25%. Difficulty getting rid of fat in this location is usually due to an imbalance of cortisol.

Gynoid fat on the other hand is around the hips and I always look at some sort of estrogen effect when this persists in men or estrogen dominance in women..

How about the measurement of your waist half that of your height as being a health marker? Can this be a poor man’s substitute for a dexa scan?

So Tom Brady is overweight according to his BMI. I am at 8% body fat and 7% android. The BMI chose Tom and I at the same level of ”overweight.” At least I am in good company.

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