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Valentine Day

February 12, 2017

I wanted to send out a fun email for Valentine’s Day.

The first article 10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Speakingis straightforward. For me, however, I sometimes need to be reminded to do these little special things to ignite the spark.

We commit ourselves to a long-term relationship and look at our “significant other” (or media naranja—-the better half of the orange in Spanish) daily. There is something that attracted us to them in the beginning. Science tells us that the body stops growing— except for the nose and ears. And I already have a big Croatian nose!

From a physician’s viewpoint, there is more to it than this. Many disorders can be discerned from physical findings. One of my favorite mentors once told me that if I did a thorough history and physical and really listened to the patient that 85% of the time I would have the diagnosis with no further testing.

From shrinking teeth to thinning eyebrows… What your face can reveal about your health covers many physical aspects that can suggest a disease entity or hormone imbalance. I focus a lot on the skin as far as detox— the skin is the largest organ in the body for excretion (and absorption) of toxins. I bring this up as further information while we develop the topic of detoxification.

A program of daily hydrogen peroxide by mouth can clear age spots, tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin look young and healthy. There are modalities like lasers, photodynamic therapy, injections of fillers, botox, and plastic surgery such as facelifts that can temporarily improve the appearance of the skin. However, if you think about it, the skin can indicate an increasing burden of toxins. The body still needs to be cleaned out to function well. I inherited bags under my eyes from my father. I will pursue a more vigorous detox program first, and then maybe consider some plastic surgery techniques as I get older. I want my system to be functioning optimally. This is the first step. I keep several things on the back shelf for the future.

So, focus on those little things such as an unexpected text message to your loved one to keep the fire going. From the professional side, I will look at some of the physical aspects that attracted you in the first place to your loved one as far as fine-tuning aspects of your health.

Happy Valentine’s Day.




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