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Water–It May Be Almost Everywhere But Not Good Everywhere

January 26, 2016


  • It is not a matter of simply drinking bottled water. Look at the source. Look at what has been done to it. The Paleo concept tells us not to use processed food. Here I am talking about processed water.
  • The Paleo concept can also apply to sleep patterns and longevity in other ways.
  • Everything in water exists as a dynamic process. I hope you get the concept of the dissociation dance.
  • Optimal pH for body functions is 7.42.
  • Increased oxygenation and redox are a key for health. Hydrogen peroxide and some isolated products have shown benefit in this arena.

It is time we talked about the basics of water. We hear about alkaline water, reverse osmosis, filtered water, water of Lourdes, and who knows what else. Okay, look at the first article. Water, of course, is made up of H2O. The chemistry for this means it has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. These are constantly clinging together as a molecule of water and then briefly dissociating into a hydrogen atom (which has a positive charge) and a hydroxyl complex containing the oxygen and the remaining hydrogen atom (and this has a negative charge). This determines the pH or acid/base balance. Alkaline (negative) is another word for base. The number 7.0 is neutral, and a number less than 7.0 in pH is acid (like 6.5), and a pH greater than 7.0 is base or alkaline (like 7.5). The optimal pH for our body is about 7.42. Two keys associated with this concept are:

  1. First, this is a dynamic picture and not static. H2O is the basic molecule, comprising 99.99% of the solution, but there is much more going on. The H2O is constantly dissociating from a water molecule to a hydrogen atom and a hydroxyl complex, then maybe to peroxide, then back together again as water. You may have H2O2 (which is hydrogen peroxide) and maybe even H403 and other similar molecules in a dynamic mixture which is constantly changing. That is a key to how it works as a natural process.
  2. Minerals help balance the pH. When you drink alkaline water it tries to go back to a neutral pH of 7.0. To do this it robs from your body, imbalancing things inside the cell and stealing minerals from bone. Minerals that occur naturally in water will help maintain a stable pH.

So we get back to the Paleo concept. Unprocessed water has minerals. Processed water has been altered. Another real problem we will not address in this article is contamination with toxins. Something I never really thought about is the occurrence of radioactivity or BPA in water, second article. Remember that chemistry class where you put a drop of phenolphthalein into a clear liquid that is acid? This is a visual marker for the pH of the solution. You then add a drop of base and there may be some pink that occurs around the drop that swirls and disappears. Base solution is added drop by drop and when acid-base balance is changed to a neutral point (pH 7.0) the solution stays pink. The same thing happens in our bodies. You drink alkaline water and the body wants to assimilate and balance but not at an extreme alkaline pH. Remember that optimum for humans is a pH of 7.42. We tend to neutralize a little bit by altering the mineral balance in the body. Processed water can have an unstable pH in some instances. This can leach minerals from our body. Sugar also causes acidity in our systems as it is metabolized. This is a big factor in our body’s acid-base balance and is a killer. So what kind of minerals do we need, third article? Salt is not necessarily bad. Back to the Paleo concept. Table salt has been processed with anti-caking agents and preservatives added. Sea salt can be contaminated with radioactivity or plastics, second article. One of the best natural sources of salt that contains a variety of trace minerals would be Himalayan salt. This has a light pink color. Try it. How about this one? Magnesium intake improves osteoporosis better than calcium supplementation. If you have good natural calcium sources from your diet, then when the bone soaks up magnesium the calcium follows. Calcium supplements alone have little to do with improving bone density. What is good water?

  1. That which is found naturally–some natural sources may even contain peroxide (water of Lourdes).
  2. Natural sources contain certain minerals special to whatever region on Earth.
  3. Natural sources may have contaminants that have leached into the system.
  4. Natural sources may have a built-in filtering system which may or may not be adequate for all contaminants.
  5. Good water needs to be filtered of contaminants but not the good minerals. There is a difference in the quality of filters. Many filter to some extent heavy metals but not pharmaceuticals. This is a topic for another discussion but an internet search can show comparative studies of water filters for the kitchen. Do not forget the shower (we absorb through our skin).
  6. Glass is the preferred container (no plastics).

So, again, I point out we are really talking about the Paleo concept (it gets old doesn’t it). No processed foods. No processed water. As far as the Paleo concept, let me give you a little bit more food for thought.

  1. When the sun went down what did Paleo man do? Right. We have shifted our biological clock a bit. Some of us can tolerate that better than others. And sometimes he got up a time or two during the night to check on things but still managed to get a restful sleep. The number of hours has nothing to do with it.
  2. Okay, now picture these Paleo guys sitting around chewing on bones that they have worked on for three days. No meat left. They spot something 50 yards out. Supper! There is a burst of intense speed, they achieve a maximum heart rate, and catch their quarry.
  3. Now they bring the food back to clean and prepare for cooking. A sabertooth tiger smells the quarry and many additional victims. The ones with a good burst speed to maximum heart rate had a better chance to survive. Maximum heart rate– achieve and maintain what you did when you were 35.

Let us take this one step further and look at Redox signaling molecules, article four. You can see why the property of ionization is important. This all fits in with the dissociation dance. In the oxidized state (loses an electron or negative charge and becomes more positive) or reduced (it gains electron and becomes more negative) state, various ions in water can neutralize microbes as well as neutralize any damage from other agents. Hydrogen peroxide works well to stimulate enzymes involved in metabolism and detoxification, and improve oxygenation. It may be a little bit difficult to manage around food intake (fasting) and not the most palatable, but it is effective. ASEA is made using distilled water with sea salt added and then an electrical current is run through the solution, article four. This creates a complex of molecules that hook up with hydrogen and the oxygen hydrogen molecule from dissociated water. Many times these will cling to a chloride or nitrogen and thus become relatively stable. This allows them to be carried throughout the body and eventually absorbed into the cell. So the first time I tasted ASEA it was a little salty but not bad. 20 minutes later, I belched peroxide. So think about all the different molecules such as peroxide that may be generated. The benefits that I have seen with ASEA from initial observations in my work with various patients are:

  1. Improved oxygenation—it will slowly release oxygen just like peroxide.
  2. This improved oxygenation stimulates beneficial cell metabolism and detoxification.
  3. Aerobic metabolism uses fat, protein, and carbohydrates for the energy source. This can continue indefinitely as long as these energy sources are available. Anaerobic metabolism uses only carbohydrates and does not last very long. ASEA appears to encourage the body to utilize fatty acids as the primary energy source thus prolonging the duration and intensity of aerobic exercise. There goes that ridge around the middle.

I could go through a whole list of water we are supposed to drink. Bottled water may simply be filtered municipal water. Spring water can be with or without gas. Even natural sources may be contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins. Water, of course, needs filtering in municipalities. Reverse osmosis removes trace minerals. Are these healthy? What do we do? I have filled my canteen from spring water in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Straight from the rock with a little bit of watercress. I have quenched my thirst with lake water directly (no filtering—no chemicals added) from pristine Canadian glacial lakes. Dip your cup in and fill your stomach. I also have a technique to drink directly off the paddle while you are on the lake. There is a difference in the taste from these sources. Go back to the bullet points. Touch base with me if you’d like to learn a little bit more about ASEA and if this can fit into your routine. Valentine’s Day approaches—so the girl you have been dating for a while meets you at a restaurant…


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