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What Is Natural Medicine?

June 2, 2016

I was in solo practice of cardiovascular surgery for 30 years. Add in four years of medical school and seven years of surgical training. Forty-one years of conventional medicine experience. About halfway into my surgical practice I noted when patients were screened for surgery that many would be on several medications. Almost anyone over 50 was taking at least one and many times multiple drugs. This is how we were taught. However, it did not make sense to me. We keep coming from behind in the ballgame. Over the years I had seen multiple examples in my patients being healed or improved using alternative methods. I needed to know more. So I slowed down my surgical practice and studied three years to earn a doctorate in Natural Medicine. I have some people that now call me Dr. Dr.

When I started doing some alternative things in my practice, patients would come to me and say “Doc, I have a sore throat. What do herb do I take?” And I would say “No, no, no. You have it all wrong. We need to find out why the machine (the human body) broke down.” Let me talk about that a little bit.

Natural medicine encompasses various disciplines such as homeopathy, naturopathy, and chiropractic. Practitioners can earn a doctorate in their field. Then there is Ayervedic (Asian Indian) medicine and Chinese medicine. A very limited alternative field is something like iridology. This makes a diagnosis by looking at changes in the iris (eye). There are some treatment modalities such as acupuncture, deep tissue massage (rolfing), low level laser and infrared light therapies, and oxygen therapies which include intravenous hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

Okay. These all represent alternative methods. Others have found all of the above effective in dealing with certain diseases and chronic conditions (and for thousands of years). Although this may be different than what I was taught in conventional medicine, it sparks scientific curiosity to see how some of these alternative methods can be complementary with conventional medicine.


Unfortunately, this may not be accepted by many mainstream doctors who focus on formal studies. Judgment and experience count for nothing unless there are formal studies, which are lacking due to the fact that there is not much monetary gain from natural practices (cannot be patented). Our current healthcare industry generates more with drugs and surgery– patching up after something breaks. We are really talking about a holistic type concept. So let us look at this from a “human machine ” standpoint.

This machine needs to be balanced to run properly. In conventional medicine standard of care is an annual physical following which, many times, the doctor will say “Everything looks good, continue your medications, and try to lose about 20 pounds before I see you next year.” And if you fall apart in the meantime they will try to put you back together.

In a holistic setting not only will the above be done, but additional testing will look at the level of function of your “human machine.” The data collected develops a roadmap that can be used to guide you in a program. We try to find your “sweet spot” and what can be done to maintain your function at that level.

Here is a good example. Cholesterol is not a bad chemical. It makes up the cell membrane of every cell in our body. It is used to make neurotransmitters in the brain. It has a steroid or hormone type chemical structure. Cholesterol is used to make sex hormones and vitamin D.

Why do men need a cholesterol pill at the age of 55 when they did not at 35? Perhaps the sex hormones and vitamin D levels are suboptimal? If these are brought back into the “sweet spot” the cholesterol many times comes down into an acceptable range with no medication. I see this all the time. And another important aspect is that high cholesterol can be due to suboptimal thyroid function. I am talking about your “sweet spot” rather than if it is in the so-called normal range. Pills make the numbers look better. The machine may not be running optimum and will wear down and eventually break. This is what society accepts as we get older.

Improvement in attitude, depression, and anxiety (treated with a myriad of medications) by balancing a few things as mentioned above is an example of how all this is connected (remember neurotransmitters above). Get off medications.

Why is all of this happening? It is our environment with exposure to many chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. A simple example is plastic, which can be absorbed as a chemical that has estrogen-like activity (xenoestrogens). Avoidance goes only so far in the modern world and makes a maintenance detoxification program essential.


First, get a roadmap.

Second, use this roadmap to develop a program and balance your human machine so it runs optimally. A good program is 80% nutrition and exercise, 15% supplements, and 5% hormone optimization.

Third, clean up the machine and lower the exposure of toxins. Various levels of a detoxification program may be necessary.

In my experience I have found that the key to health and longevity includes:

  1. Maintaining an ideal body composition with the android (belly) fat less than 25%. 2. Maintaining or increasing muscle mass. 3. Being able to reach and maintain your maximum heart rate with short bursts of very intense exercise. 4. Detoxifying from the daily environmental exposure.

I hope this summary is helpful to understand the basics of natural medicine and my attitude towards natural health.

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