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Zika Virus and Dirty Dirt

November 8, 2016

Even though I have lived the last six years in New York City, I really cannot come up with any good material to share with you on either Hillary or Donald, but the Zika virus is still in the news.

What We Don’t Know About Zika, Naled And Science

It seems unfathomable to wipe out a large number of mosquitoes in a given area without some getting away and without introducing toxins. The mosquitoes are killed by direct contact from the spraying, but then as they decompose it goes into the groundwater. Maybe mosquitoes sprayed in the past with these toxins altered a carrier virus that was just going along for the ride and not causing any problems. Now the virus has been implicated in genetic aberrations causing microcephaly or tiny head in newborns. We call it Zika.

Just remember, first came HIV, then others like CMV and Epstein-Barr became recognized for their involvement with chronic disease patterns. Now comes Zika. What virus will be the next major crisis?

Microcephaly is a terrible condition. The knee-jerk reflex was to come into the fistfight with a cannon introducing collateral damage. In many ways, we need to take more personal responsibility for our health. It is very feasible that toxins introduced to control mosquitoes play a factor in genetic aberrations. Maybe this requires combination with another personal health factor such as smoking or alcohol before a genetic mutation occurs. Spraying mosquitoes is a very narrow and shortsighted approach. Much more may be necessary to control the situation.

Most progress against the AIDS virus has to do with boosting the body’s immune system. Perhaps we need to learn to coexist better with the ubiquitous microorganisms that inhabit this planet. You want to identify some odd or potentially dangerous bacteria that are not currently causing a problem? Run a Q-tip in the hygiene areas around your genitals. Then culture that Q-tip. You may even find some of the so-called “flesh eating” MRSA bacteria. It is not just the presence of the microorganism itself that causes a clinical problem. Poor hygiene, poor overall health, as well as compromised tissue play a big part in enabling diseases caused by microorganisms.

Okay, let us go a step further with the next article: 9 Benefits Of Letting Your Kids Play In The Dirt. I sure remember controlling 75% of the sandbox from my younger brother with my army men. My children did the same except using Star Wars figures. Although I am a proponent of exposure to the environmentthe earth, air, and water (and contamination with electromagnetic energy is yet to be explored)as far as health benefits, but I follow this with a little bit of caution. We need to be more aware of exposure to toxins in the environment today. That dirt may be very dirty now.


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