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Hey Doc, What Do I Do With This?

June 15, 2017

This is an example of a very good health practice lemon and himalayan salt. Makes sense and seems easy to do, right? Let me make a point. First of all this is just one item. Adding it to what you are doing may or may not be what you need. You may or may not notice any difference. The key is to obtain an overall roadmap. A recipe, so to speak, can then be set up as far as nutrition and supplements. I have always emphasized the importance of a complete and comprehensive exam at the age of 50 that gathers data to establish a roadmap. This is not the annual physical in conventional medicine. Think of this scenario: A middle-age man (50) comes in with a little bit of a paunch and is asked about his medical health. He states it is pretty good. He goes to the gym. He tries to eat right. As far as medication, he takes something for cholesterol, another for blood pressure, a heart pill, and something for sugar. Oh, a Viagra certainly helps. His doctor told him that all his numbers were under control (whatever that means). I ask you—is this truly healthy? Do you have balance (chemical and hormonal) for the “human machine” to function optimally? The next level in prolonging health and longevity adds physiologic and other data to actually

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May 2, 2017

This is an excellent article (attached article). It really hits the high points.   Many times on paper we are doing the right thing. Practically speaking, it needs to be carried out in the correct manner to achieve the results.   The points that I would like to emphasize are the following:

  1. It is important to have the right preparation for a probiotic. It should contain a lot of the bifido– type bacteria. Yogurt alone is not sufficient.
  2. Review the first chapter of my book and you can see how I explain the concept of prebiotics . These little guys need to be fed to proliferate.
  3. The next time you are in a Whole Foods store go to the juice bar and try a Kombucha. Remember that fermented foods need to be ingested on a regular basis to achieve the results.
  4. Finally, I like the comment about looking at the consistency of your bowel movement. For example, people may ask “how much fiber do I need to take?” This will vary for everyone and also depends on the overall diet. Basically, if you were in a field your bowel movement should look like a cow pie (coming from

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April 28, 2017


First of all, if one follows the whole food concept of no boxes, packages, cans, or bottles then… There, that takes care of food labels. Okay, get started by looking at this article 10 Things That Have Changed On American Food Labels: Will This Help Heal Our Sick Nation? Cans and some bottles are lined with BPA, which has definitely been shown to be toxic and associated with prostate and rectal cancer. Could some of this be the result of cleaning ourselves with toilet paper that also contains BPA? Most plastic containers are terrible. Glass is the best but not always convenient. Then you look at the additives… the so-called preservatives and fortifiers. The first poison is sugar. High fructose corn syrup reeks more havoc on our bodies than any other sweete

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March 30, 2017

Let me start out by asking you what is “busking?” Think about it while you read the rest of this. Water makes up 99% of the molecules in our body and represents 70% of body weight. Dehydration discusses the balance of salt and water and its effect on health. Lemon water is another that I published recently that addresses water and electrolyte balance. There is no question that water provides a balance for metabolic functions in our body and plays a major role in our health. Many degenerative and chronic conditions can improve with the administration of good water. It can improve neurocognitive function. Good water can reverse some of the effects of toxins in our environment. What makes up good water? First, think about content of water. Industrial waste and agricultural chemicals can affect underground sources of water. Obviously, some chemicals are extremely dangerous. With many others, however, while benign in small amounts, the deleterious effect comes with accumulation over many years. These substances include the heavy metals cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic. There are many chemicals used in the production and processing

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March 27, 2017

A patient sent this to me and it really lit a spark The Healthiest Old Person on the Planet Explains How to Stay in Shape. The guy in this video has the answer. He has hit on some real keys to longevity. Yes, there are accidents or maybe exposure to a toxin that causes a gene mutation and cancer that shortens our life. We just do the best we can but with certain basics this stuff works! Let me review a little bit about the Paleo concept. Remember, this involves Paleolithic man and his lifestyle. Even though the environment has advanced technologically, our basic DNA has not. Genetically, we function best in a different environment than present society offers. First, there is the whole food concept. Paleo man had no processed food. Fat was a major energy source. Do not be afraid of good fatsthere is no problem. Quite the opposite. Packaged and processed food has poor nutritional value, and added preservatives may be potentially damaging to our health. With aging, there needs to be a conscious increase of protein intake in the diet to maintain and increase lean muscle mass. Even though the dinner plate looks full with enough protein, more may be needed. I also agree the food pyramid is upside down. Second, think about sleep patterns. What did Paleolithic m

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March 14, 2017

    Many of us have memories of college days and catching a quick meal or snack. After that, the days of raising kids and there just wasn’t time to fix food properly. Besides, we were taught that this was all healthy food, processed and packaged for our convenience. This can be expanded further than Ramen noodles to anytime we eat outside the home and have no control over source and preservatives that may be added. In the Top Reasons To Stop Eating Ramen Noodles, just peruse this article and then think about how many times every day we are exposed to chemicals. What I want to convey is that there are many things in our lifestyle that cause a premature decline in hormones and alter chemical balance. You can accept premature aging as a result or you can try and stay ahead of it. I am happy to talk with you at any time about any specific aspects related to your program.  

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017

This information really fits with Natural Medicine– in other words, the body’s ability to heal itself. Society and mainstream medicine look at trying to wipe out microbes that produce infection instead of attempting to co-exist and using the body’s ability to fight infection and keep them under control. While we develop the theme of toxicity I emphasize exposure to chemicals in the wipes and hand creams or gels that are supposedly healthy. One-time exposure, not too bad. Repeated exposure over the years can lead to an increased body burden of these chemicals. This may not be not enough to make us toxic so that we wind up in the ER, but they may affect our immune system. The first article from the Washington Post introduces us to the hygiene hypothesis (article 1). The second article discusses the chemical Triclosan (article 2). The concept to remember is that bacteria have an ability to develop resistance to chemicals as well as antibiotics. Triclosan causes hormone disruption, particularly with estrogen, just like BPA (plastics). Another comment I make is tha

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March 5, 2017

The 2016 presidential campaign was like a rodeo ride. The saga continues .  This is what I have to say:   As we develop the topic of detoxification, I present this series of articles to review. I introduce this topic as far as gray hair. Please see the following articles: The Ancient Chinese Herb Fo-Ti and Science Confirms an Age-Old Remedy for Gray Hair and Baldness. I ask you to look at the recent presidents as they enter the White House and eight years later when they leave with gray hair. Is it the stress? My contention is that this may be due to the processed food they are served in the White House I share an article on How a Healthy Diet May Help Stop Premature Gray Hairs. That is why I present the current information on gray hair. I am 64 years old and after initiating certain detoxification measures I have seen the little bit of gray hair that I have regress. I have also seen “age spots” on my skin disappear. Age spots are composed of lipofuscin-basically they contain toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. This points out the important influence of our environment, but at the

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February 28, 2017
  • many forms of energy can affect biologic function
  • phototherapy (light) is one form
  • light therapy stimulates healing and repair
  • light therapy can be used to improve athletic performance
  • electromagnetic waves may disrupt the liquid crystalline structure of water in our bodies, thereby affecting overall health

    When it comes to alternative medicine most people think of herbs and homeopathy (do you really know what homeopathy means?). Actually, alternative medicine simply represents health practices outside of conventional medicine. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry dictates to the public in commercials and pitches privately to doctors. Alternative methods are not accepted in many cases because natural substances cannot be patented. There is no profit to pursue their use. Many forms of energy are used in everyday biologic function in our bodies. Among these are heat (thermal), light (photo-), chemical, magnetic, and electromagnetic (now we are talking about cell phones, computers, and artificial lights in our environment). All of these work by a transfer of electrons between molecules. This is called a redox reaction (reduction/oxidation) and there are actual

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