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There are some wild Bugs Out There

March 9, 2017

This information really fits with Natural Medicine– in other words, the body’s ability to heal itself. Society and mainstream medicine look at trying to wipe out microbes that produce infection instead of attempting to co-exist and using the body’s ability to fight infection and keep them under control. While we develop the theme of toxicity I emphasize exposure to chemicals in the wipes and hand creams or gels that are supposedly healthy. One-time exposure, not too bad. Repeated exposure over the years can lead to an increased body burden of these chemicals. This may not be not enough to make us toxic so that we wind up in the ER, but they may affect our immune system. The first article from the Washington Post introduces us to the hygiene hypothesis (article 1). The second article discusses the chemical Triclosan (article 2). The concept to remember is that bacteria have an ability to develop resistance to chemicals as well as antibiotics. Triclosan causes hormone disruption, particularly with estrogen, just like BPA (plastics). Another comment I make is tha

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March 5, 2017

The 2016 presidential campaign was like a rodeo ride. The saga continues .  This is what I have to say:   As we develop the topic of detoxification, I present this series of articles to review. I introduce this topic as far as gray hair. Please see the following articles: The Ancient Chinese Herb Fo-Ti and Science Confirms an Age-Old Remedy for Gray Hair and Baldness. I ask you to look at the recent presidents as they enter the White House and eight years later when they leave with gray hair. Is it the stress? My contention is that this may be due to the processed food they are served in the White House I share an article on How a Healthy Diet May Help Stop Premature Gray Hairs. That is why I present the current information on gray hair. I am 64 years old and after initiating certain detoxification measures I have seen the little bit of gray hair that I have regress. I have also seen “age spots” on my skin disappear. Age spots are composed of lipofuscin-basically they contain toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. This points out the important influence of our environment, but at the

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February 28, 2017
  • many forms of energy can affect biologic function
  • phototherapy (light) is one form
  • light therapy stimulates healing and repair
  • light therapy can be used to improve athletic performance
  • electromagnetic waves may disrupt the liquid crystalline structure of water in our bodies, thereby affecting overall health

    When it comes to alternative medicine most people think of herbs and homeopathy (do you really know what homeopathy means?). Actually, alternative medicine simply represents health practices outside of conventional medicine. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry dictates to the public in commercials and pitches privately to doctors. Alternative methods are not accepted in many cases because natural substances cannot be patented. There is no profit to pursue their use. Many forms of energy are used in everyday biologic function in our bodies. Among these are heat (thermal), light (photo-), chemical, magnetic, and electromagnetic (now we are talking about cell phones, computers, and artificial lights in our environment). All of these work by a transfer of electrons between molecules. This is called a redox reaction (reduction/oxidation) and there are actual

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February 17, 2017

  A patient sent this to me and it really lit a spark ( ) . The guy in this video has the answer. He has hit on some real keys to longevity. Yes, there are accidents or maybe exposure to a toxin that causes a gene mutation and cancer that shortens our life. We just do the best we can but with certain basics this stuff works! Let me review a little bit about the Paleo concept. Remember this involves Paleolithic man and his lifestyle. Even though the environment has advanced technologically, our basic DNA has not. Genetically we function best in a different environment than present society offers. First, there is the whole food concept. Paleo man had no processed food. Fat was a major energy source. Do not be afraid of good fats– there is no problem. Quite the opposite. Packaged and processed food has poor nutritional value and added preservatives may be potentially damaging to our health. With aging, there needs to be a conscious increase of protein intake in the diet to maintain and increase lean muscle mass. Even though the dinner plate looks full with enough protein, more may be needed. I am also agreed the food pyramid is upside down. Second, think about sleep patterns. What did Paleolithic man do when the sun went dow

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February 12, 2017

I wanted to send out a fun email for Valentine’s Day. The first article 10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Speakingis straightforward. For me, however, I sometimes need to be reminded to do these little special things to ignite the spark. We commit ourselves to a long-term relationship and look at our “significant other” (or media naranja—-the better half of the orange in Spanish) daily. There is something that attracted us to them in the beginning. Science tells us that the body stops growing— except for the nose and ears. And I already have a big Croatian nose! From a physician’s viewpoint, there is more to it than this. Many disorders can be discerned from physical findings. One of my favorite mentors once told me that if I did a thorough history and physical and really listened to the patient that 85% of the time I would have the diagnosis with no further testing.

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February 7, 2017


  • Testosterone is essential for heart health.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of heart and vascular problems.
  • It is probably not the Viagra that causes heart problems.
  • We have methods to objectively test for these things.

Everyone knows February represents heart month. It is also associated with romantic qualities because of Valentine’s Day. Both of these issues concern the topic of this short essay. The first article is from a medical journal and represents current views of testosterone use from the cardiovascular standpoint. Remember that the organ with the most testosterone receptors in the whole body is not that little guy between our legs (for men, but this information still applies to the ladies) but the heart. Heart health is directly related to optimum testosterone levels. Testosterone is necessary for heart, blood vessel, and overall health. Cognitive function and emotions can improve with optimization of testosterone levels. So can libido and sexual function. So how is this related? Before any buildup that blocks blood flow occurs in the blood

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February 2, 2017

The Super Bowl is upon us. Tom Brady is back again. Too bad he is overweight (   We have talked about diet. There are some general principles which apply to most. The first step is the whole food concept. When you come out of the grocery store you have no boxes, packages, cans, or bottles. No processed food. Many of the chemicals involved can disrupt hormones. Of course a low glycemic concept is also important. Processed sugar and simple carbohydrates need to be minimized if not completely eliminated. The next step is thinking organic. This is particularly important with dairy products. Grass fed dairy products and meat are very healthy without the hormones and antibiotics. And there is nothing wrong with eating eggs. I worry more about the source because corn fed chickens promote inflammation. A lot of processed food may also contain gluten, MSG, and other chemicals. Now look at the article from the New York Post on Tom Brady’s diet ( ). I just

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January 20, 2017

Among the controversies of testosterone therapy has been an implication with prostate cancer.  I have been in medicine long enough to see the pendulum swing. I was taught in medical school that you don’t give testosterone to men because it causes prostate cancer. Morgentaler has shown over the last 15 years, with very credible data, that men with suboptimal testosterone levels are seven times more likely to develop prostate cancer Destroying the Myth About Testosterone Replacement and Prostate Cancer. It turns out that testosterone is not necessarily the cause of prostate cancer Long-term testosterone therapy does not increase risk of prostate cancer and No Evidence of TRT Link to Prostate Cancer.  I have had three patients in the last five years who presented with biopsy proven prostate cancer. The patients all required testosterone optimization to treat the metabolic syndrome (which consists of high cholesterol, altered sugar metabolism, and obesity with too much fat in the android or belly distribution). This was started prior to any treatment for prostate cancer because of increased cardi

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January 7, 2017

Vitamin D is well known for its important role in bone health. However, there are many other aspects regarding vitamin D that give us a wide range of beneficial effects. For one, Vitamin D helps with sugar metabolism. It can improve management of adult onset diabetes. Vitamin D also has a tremendous anti-inflammatory effect. Pushing levels to the higher end can get rid of many muscular aches and pains that are common with aging. Vitamin D can induce a better sleep cycle, probably having something to do with the regulation of the circadian rhythm. For this reason, I always suggest taking vitamin D at bedtime. If you sleep better, a lot of things in your system reset properly. Another trick I learned was its use with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This occurs in wintertime and some people become depressed because of shorter days. Artificial light does not give us the same stimulus as sunlight. Some of my patients with SAD start to take higher doses of vitamin D3 (15,000 to 20,000 units) beginning in September and continue through the Christmas holidays. Many report a significant benefit with this regimen. How does all this come about? First of all, note that the chemical structure of vitamin D is a steroid ring. Steroid simply refers to the molecular formation. Some bodybuilding street drugs have a steroid ring similar to the sex hormones and, thus, the negative connotation.

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January 4, 2017

There are simple, inexpensive ways to encourage detoxification. This for me is the step to be taken before harsher, more complex detoxification measures. We live in a global environment and everyone will experience exposure to toxins to some degree. There are toxins we absorb from clothing, furniture, our cars, and other ways such as simple packaging like tea bags, and the fumes from chemicals and cleaning supplies around us in closed buildings. Of course, following a whole food diet and avoiding processed foods is a good start to cleaning up our bodies. A good example is chlorophyll. This serves as a natural chelating agent (chelate is the Greek word for claw—so this grabs onto things such as heavy metals and helps eliminate these from our body). Then there are the Brassica family of vegetables—cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts—which can help control the amount of xenoestrogens (artificial estrogens) that we ingest from products packaged in plastic (BPA and other plastics). Detoxification occurs in two phases. In phase 1 toxins are liberated from tissues where they have been stored. Most of this occurs in fatty tissue. Phase 2 requires enzymes in the liver that help eliminate these toxins from the body. If both phases are not working the toxins can be liberated and then recirculate for storage again. So to think something as simple as apple cider vinegar

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