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Cenegenics Treatments

Looking for answers? We use a comprehensive approach.

Dr. Bosiljavec has 30 years experience in conventional medicine as a cardiovascular surgeon. He also obtained a second doctorate in natural medicine. The typical annual checkup will tell you if you have anything “bad” going on. The difference with our approach is that our exam identifies at what level your “human machine” functions and gives direction to improve the performance before anything bad happens. This is the key to prolonging health and longevity.

  • General evaluation balanced between conventional medicine & natural medicine
  • Cancer evaluation & development of complementary treatment
  • Personalized genetic testing
  • Experience with stem cell therapies
  • General consultant/medical advocate for patients
  • Alternative methods used include:
    • IV Therapies
    • Chelation
    • Oxygen Therapies (Peroxide & Ozone)
    • Prolotherapy/Prolozone for Joint & Soft Tissue Conditions